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Established in 2004, Golf Around Scotland is one of the countries leading golf tour operators, catering for an ever increasing demand from the worlds golfers to visit our shores to enjoy our wonderful golf courses and traditional Scottish hospitality. Each year we book many thousands of golf rounds and room nights into the various regions of Scotland and would like to give you the opportunity of increasing your exposure in this growing market.


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Hotels and Inns, Self-catering, Bed & Breakfasts, Guest Houses

£35 per year

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Restaurants, Taxi and coach hire, Equipment Hire, Local services

£35 per year

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Visitor Attractions,  Distilleries,  Driving Ranges, Retailers or Equipment manufacturers

£35 per year

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Golf Resorts..... 2 listings.... Accommodation and Courses

£65 per year.

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Each classified advert features a photograph and up to 50 words of text. Please note that listings will not appear on the website until payment has been received in full, cheques will be subject to 7 days clearence time.


Display Advertising


We offer display advertising which is highly visible and particularly suitable for promoting Visitor attractions, Equipment manufacturers and Retailers. There are positions available on the home page and across all sections of the site.  Ads can be targetted to specific pages or regions.



  Home page
  Only 2 adverts available for this prime location, call 01796 474 469 for details.

£200 per advert per year

  Main page (Advert displayed on your 1 chosen page)
  Golf Tours, Tour Planner, Accommodation, Courses, Things to do, About us, Contact us.

£100 per advert, per year

  Inner pages (Advert displayed on your 1 chosen page)
  Eg. Hotel accommodation in Edinburgh,  Golf courses in Fife.

£50 per advert per year


If you wish to promote your business using display advertising then please contact us to discuss your requirements.
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Phone:  01796 474469
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