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The Old Course At St Andrews

One of the things that make golf such a magical sport is that any player can have the chance to play all the most famous courses. Playing the Old Course is like allowing an amateur tennis player to play on centre court at Wimbledon. How could you say no to that?

The Course

The Old Course is not the most challenging or the most surprising golf course in existence. That’s not where its charm lies. What it is, is an enjoyable, expansive, and playable course. The mega-sized greens may push your putting skills to their limit, with some easily an acre in size. Getting to the green is a relaxed affair, especially if you tend to lean to the left.

As you play the course, you will find that you move through the holes at a comfortable pace. The playability and gorgeous setting allow everyone to tread in the footsteps of the many greats who have played the greens.

The Experience

To make the most of a visit to St Andrews, you may want to arrive with plenty of time to spare. If you can squeeze in a round on the Himalayas putting course during your visit, you won’t regret it. It’s the most fantastic arrangement of hills and valley and the course changes every week. It makes the perfect warmup to stepping onto the hallowed greens.

Your round on the Old Course starts with a sense of grandeur. You’ll be announced over the tannoy to all around as you get ready to tee off. It’s best to have your nerves about you as the tourists will all be watching your swing.

If you’ve ever watched any championships played at the Old Course, then there will be plenty of magical moments for you as you play. We think everyone should have the opportunity to walk over the Swilken Bridge with their clubs in hand.

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