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The Royal Dornoch Golf Club

The Royal Dornoch Golf Club

The Royal Dornoch Course is consistently among the top ten courses in Scotland and the world. It's regularly found in the top three of all time. It’s hard to compete with the history of The Old Course at St Andrews, but this course packs a real punch in terms of playing experience.

You can play two courses at the club, and they each have their own charm and appeal.

The Championship Course

This is the course that holds so many visitors to the club spellbound. It had it’s most recent renovation in early 2020, which saw the addition of a new version of the 7th hole. This has been declared the final renovation of the course as it is now close to the design intended by Old Tom Morris when he first envisioned the course.

Walking up to the first tee can be a daunting experience. Everyone in the restaurant can see you tee off, which only adds to the pressure you are likely putting on yourself already. However, if you can hold your nerve, you’ll find the course starts you off kindly.

As you work through the holes, you will need to put every club in your bag to use. 

The course is sublimely designed to give you amazing views of not only the hole you are aiming for but also the surrounding countryside.

Struie course

The Struie is the second 18 hole course at The Royal Dornoch Golf Club. If it were the only course at the club, they would still have plenty to brag about. This course is a permanent feature of the top 50 links courses in the UK.

The course was extended from a 12 hole course in 1999. The design features many of the Dornach characteristic traits, so it feels like a real sister course to the Championship Course. It is an excellent opportunity for players with higher handicaps to experience golfing at the Royal Dornoch Golf Club.

Whether you like your golf courses, wild, coast, surrounded by flower gorse or seemingly isolated, the Royal Dornoch Golf Club has some of the best views and experiences that you can find. So much so, it can be hard to keep your eyes and mind on the game in hand!

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